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Hi, I’m Anja Sofia

I help conscious leaders— yoga teachers, group facilitators, spiritual teachers and creative entrepreneurs—connect deeper to their hearts truth, so they can create a greater impact from the inside out.

The world needs our gifts, integrity and power now more than ever, and the most powerful way to access these gifts is through connecting with the Self— the unseen and undying aspect of our being. Our happiness, success and fulfillment depend on this relationship to the Self. Not to mention the choices which effect the sustainability of our planet.

I spent a decade using mind/body practices to heal myself from a crippling illness, and now I use the techniques and tools of kundalini yoga, meditation, clairvoyance, vocal sound healing and shamanic practices to empower, heal and catalyze transformation for others.

I stand for radical self care, creativity,  truth telling of all kinds. I value rest and committing to experiencing the Divine inside of ourselves.


My big vision for this earth is one of world peace. (I know, it's a big vision goal.) The kind of high functioning, intelligent peace which encompasses our challenges and begins with each of us remembering our own innate ability to heal.  

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Self Mastery Mentorship

3 - 6 month one-on-one spiritual practice mentorship with Anja Sofia. Dive deep into your own healing, empowerment and Self- Mastery. Learn yogic, shamanic and proprietary techniques for transformation. Overcome fear, doubt and fatigue to live your with integrity from your hearts purpose.

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What people are saying

“Thank you again for an amazing healing session. I’m feeling the effects days after, and know its from doing this work with you.”
— Meditation Circle Participant
I felt like dancing after our session. It was amazing. you are truly gifted.
— Meditation Circle Participant
Every session with Anja is like acquainting with an old friend, a wise teacher, someone who opens their heart to you fully. In this way Anja creates not only a comforting and safe space with respectful boundaries, but a place where one can feel energetically free and empowered. Both in person and through video with Anja, I have started a kundalini practice that I am excited to grow. Through intuitive readings and energy work I have become more confident and trusting of my own intuition. I look forward to continuing my work with Anja, and would recommend her to anyone looking to awaken or revitalize their own spirituality and wellbeing.
— Soul Session Participant
Anja conveys a striking combination of strength and softness in the spaces she holds. She has this remarkable ability to intuitively respond to the needs of each of her students. As a teacher, it’s clear she taps into the depth of her own experience and offers the fruits of her own healing journey. A session with her is a treat in being guided to expand beyond my previously held limitations.
— Soul Session Participant

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I share personal reflections, inspirations for personal practice and juicy tidbits over on Instagram-- Let's connect!