Hi, I'm Anja.   

I help people understand the unique subconscious messages of their body, psyche and soul and redefine their challenges as strengths so they can live a life of excellence.

As a kundalini yoga and meditation instructor, spirituality, health and nutrition coach, and psychic/intuitive healer, I use powerful mind/body practices to support deep healing and lasting change.

My strengths lie in a  connection to the realm of spirit, the ability to see and hold space for challenges, and the fervent belief in our innate ability to heal.

My story

When I was eleven years old, I was struck by the onset of a mysterious illness, plaguing me with 20o different symptoms which were later diagnosed as chronic Lyme disease. By the time I was diagnosed at 16 years old, I had physically deteriorated to the point of being bedridden for three years and having had two near death experiences. It was after these near death experiences that my understanding of live and existence changed:

I realized that death didn’t exist, but transformation did. I wanted to harness the power of transformation for myself and all those suffering in the world.

Thus began my journey into the realms of spiritual teachings, mind/body medicine and knowing my Self.

At the age of eighteen, I became a kundalini yoga teacher, knowing that it was my path to harness the profound healing technology of mantra, movement, breath and intention to support transformation in others.

I spent the next decade traveling the world and studying the spiritual healing and enlightenment traditions of several cultures and lineages. I became a shaman. I studied everything from esoteric energy healing practices, western herbs for healing, acupuncture, reiki and sound healing, to homeopathy, nutritional counseling, nutritional IV's, heavy metal chelation and hyperthermia treatments.

These experiences and studies were simply to encapsulate and deepen the epiphany I had during my first near death experience:

When we bring ourselves back into alignment with our capital “S” Self, the deepest form of healing takes place. This Self is the soul, spirit, higher self aspect of our being which never changes, even through death. When we stop identifying with the conditions of our life and start identifying with the consciousness of which is alive and eternally vibrant within us— we create miracles. Success, fulfillment, happiness and living our destiny is the result.



Certified Reiki Master Teacher

Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training

Certificate in Positive Psychology by Wholebeing Institute and Harvard professor Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar