The Goddess Emerges & An Invitation to Restore Your Power

What is "The Goddess"? 

The Goddess as an archetype is as old as time itself. She emerges from the ashes when civilizations have been burnt down, she whispers to us in dreams in the form of animal, plant and strange symbology, she changes form, paints her face, and washes away the portrait that history painted of her, only to take fresh clay and mark her own face anew. 

She is the divine feminine principle, but in essence she is genderless. She is born from darkness- not "evil" darkness- but rich, warm, fertile darkness; the kind of darkness that seeds need to grow.

She cares deeply, and yet has no hesitation destroying that which is not in alignment with the Way, with a swift conscious thought. 

If you read my writings, I don't often use the word "Goddess." I feel that all too often the word is used to conjure up superficial and static images of a two- at best three- dimensional idea, often portrayed as a human female. 

When I refer to the Goddess, I refer to the deepest impulse of creativity which lives inside of us, and the need to integrate this impulse into the fabric of our lives so completely that radical outward shift takes place. Working with the Goddess implies re-weaving our psyche into a wholeness which embraces our deepest instinctual nature. 

The ritual of working with the Goddess and restoring my personal Power has become a foundation of my practice every single day. It is the most intimate, and seldom shared, yet profound part of my practice.

(And as somebody who identifies as 50% male and 50% female, working with the energy of the Goddess is not just for people who identify as female. In fact, the energy of the Goddess, though often depicted as a woman, is beyond shape form and gender.)

My Journey with the Goddess:

I have been working with the Goddess nature, and the different facets of this energy which manifest as deities and ascended masters like Kuan Yin goddess of compassion, Kali goddess of death, destruction and transformation, and Mother Mary, goddess of justice, harmony and power of sacred birth, for several years.

A few years ago I began to see where in my life I had been disempowered, where I had consciously given away my power in the name of "safety", and where and how I had been sexually assaulted, from the subtle, to the obvious. So much pain was unearthed- and still is- as I continue to untangle the knots that the denial, misuse, and mistrust of my own Power created.

Now, I've realized that it is time to share these practices, and the wisdom I have experienced through my healing with the Goddess. I am still learning, and in order to take my healing to the next level, it is time to share, connect, and create spaces where all women are seen and have sisters to support them in their relationship to the Goddess.

Looking outward at the world stage it is easy to see the effects of cultures, leaders and people unknowingly starved for their wild self. The seeds of our souls are calling desperately for the warm nourishing relationship which is the resurrection and intimate knowing of the Goddess.

That is why I am inviting you, and the women in your life to join me on a 40 day journey to discover the Goddess within ourselves, and restore our Power. Using the tools and ancient teachings of kundalini yoga and meditation, combined with guided shamanic journeys into our bodies & cells, we will transform, heal, and contribute to the rise of the collective feminine consciousness. 

Want to learn more?

Click on the link below, share with a friend, and if you have any questions or trepidations, send me a message and I'll help you decide if this course is a good fit- we should only participate in things which serve our highest good.

All Blessings, as always,