Three ways to claim your power, now.

It's been heartening to witness the thousands of individuals who are standing up in the name of women's rights, equality, diversity and love. As always, my work is about helping people integrate the inner changes so that outer change can be more authentic and powerful.

Below are three (sometimes) easy ways to restore your personal power so that you can be a powerful contributing force to the movement of love.

Be relentlessly kind to yourself. 

In the grand scheme of things, you owe it to yourself to be relentless with your kindness.This means finding the crack of light between your own self down, shame, hatred and illusion (we all have it, in some form,) and acknowledging the sobering truth that you are f**king brilliant. You are a light. And you deserve your own kindness in every moment. All those knots inside? Let them go. You are bigger, brighter and better than any self shame.

Forgive anyone and anything that you can.

People misinterpret what forgiveness means. Forgiveness does not mean to let somebody off the hook for something they did, it means that you let go of the emotional, mental and spiritual burden of the wrong that was caused. You embrace the lesson, and make the choice to be kind to yourself by releasing the pain. When you do this, you automatically send any residual weight back to the “sender” or perpetrator. They can deal with this energy now, and you can pray for their highest resolution of this energy with love.

Commit to using your unique gifts for the greater good.

The time has come for you to take inspired action. With so many pressing causes and changes needing to be made in the world, it can be easy to think “I don’t have time to pursue _______ because I should be doing something more meaningful.” This is your ego’s way out of your greatest service to humanity. Its time for you to start embracing, sharing and using your greatest gifts, and pursuing those hobbies and passions which light you up like nothing else, even if you don’t see a “point” to them. The secret is, once you begin to follow your highest joy and share your inner gifts, you will begin to create much more impactful and lasting change than doing something you think you “should” do for the greater good.

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In Love,