Kirtan Kriya- A Meditation To Heal The Brain

I've had several people come to me recently asking for advice about meditation, how to still the mind, and bring themselves to calm. The phrase that seems to be the most common is something like

"I just feel so scattered," or "sometimes I feel like I'm going a little crazy."

Enter Kirtan Kriya, a medically researched kundalini meditation which is a favorite in the yoga community for promoting balance, improved cognitive function, and a healing, neutral state of mind.

According to the  Alzheimers Research and Prevention Foundation, It has been clinically proven to increase gray matter in the brain, balance endocrine secretions and even prevent and sometimes reverse symptoms of Alzheimers.

If this meditation doesn't resonate with you right now, please share it with somebody who will benefit from it- we all have a mother, father, sister, friend or colleague who would experience greater calm and quality of life by practicing it.

Bless You All,