Going inwards in five (sometimes) easy steps

The most profound piece of information given to us from countless spiritual traditions is that we have everything inside of us already. It is also the most dense, complicated yet simple piece of advice to unpack.  

I don't have all the answers, but I do know whats worked for me.

Below are the five stages of going inward that I am continuously moving through. They work for me on my journey and may they support you too!

Start by spending time alone in nature

Being alone in a natural and comfortable setting like nature lets our minds wander comfortably and our bodies move. Just the simple act of going for a walk in the woods or a park for an hour and connecting with the natural world makes us more calm, open and receptive. All of my best ideas and inspirations come to me when my attention is focused inwards on my body, my breathing, or while relaxing my mind and being present with my surroundings.

Be mindful of your mind

Your mind shapes your life. It doesn't matter if you don't believe the universe is inside you or not. The truth is that your mind directs your life. Focus on your phone all day, your life is in your phone. Focus on your partner or child all day, your life is there. At some point in order to feel balanced, healthy and "you" you are going to have to put time into focusing on the different aspects of you: your body, your mind and emotions. The more you "live" places other than your body and the present moment, the less strength and vitality your body and ability to be present becomes.

Use a technique that resonates with you

There are many, many systems that have been developed over thousands of years which help us go inward and remember who we really are. Find one that resonates with you. It could be prayer, zazen meditation, kundalini yoga, tai chi, mindfulness practice, etc. Choose one, and deepen your relationship with that practice, but don't become attached to it. At the end of the day, it is not the technique which is the answer, but what is already inside of you.

Glimpses of your inner vastness will come. You may be sitting in meditation or out walking in the rain focusing on your breath when suddenly you will have a profound experience that cannot be put into words. Nothing gave you that experience but you.

Be neutral

Once you get a taste of that vast mystery, its easy to become addicted to the many types of blissful and transformative experiences that going within can bring us. As our ability to sense, see and feel the different multidimensional aspects of ourselves and the world around us increases, it becomes essential that we return to some basic awareness practice that keeps us neutral and focused on what is really important: that we stay present with ourselves and aligned with a force greater than ourselves. That force can be God, Shiva, Ultimate Truth, or an aspect of your own Highest Self.

Conversely, being present with our experiences can bring up difficult emotions, memories, pain and sensations. Remember to be present for all of it, your experiences can be gifts if you open and enjoy all of them with a neutral acceptance.

Its all a cycle

When you forget and spin out of your presence, begin again with step #1. It's an upward spiral of growth and healing, and it never ends. Fall in love with the experience of living and discovering your Self.

Why do you choose to turn inwards, and what shifts in your life when you do?

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