Ready for change: the shift before the storm.


Sometimes the biggest shifts are the ones which can't be seen. At least not at first.

When somebody loses weight they've been trying to shed for years, gets a much needed divorce, leaves their job or embarks on a new avenue of study and learning, it's not the action itself but the unseen shift which happens before the act which determines what the result of those actions might be.

Think about it, have you ever made a change in your life based off of a whim and had to deal with intense "restablization" of your life afterwards?

Action taking is good. Its great. In fact its the only way to solidify change, but the change must first happen inside of us. 

Or how many times in your life have you tried to shift a pattern, energy or situation in your life by taking an external action to force it to change? How many times has this yielded the true result you were seeking?

We know that in order to make true lasting change willpower alone is not enough. Sometimes we embark on a "new way of being" by trying a new way of doing. This can sometimes work, but its difficult, and slow going. 

If change begins with an internal shift, then the beginning of that shift could begin by something so soft and subtle you might not even realize that it will catalize the profound healing change you are seeking in your life.

In a way, there is grace in that; there is grace in following soft inner shift after soft inner shift without knowing the end result.

Sometimes when we don't know the outcome, and are able to just focus on the feeling, the healing of this moment, what unfolds in the future is more incredible than anything we could ever imagine. 

That is my intention in my life right now. To follow the feeling, the softness of intuition. To let go of the idea for the future that belongs to my mind and open myself up to a greater, more present reality.

I'd love nothing more than for you, all of you, to join me in this exploration of how present we can be with  our bodies, our intuition, and the present moment to catalize the real change, the real healing, the real work we are here to do in our time left on this planet.

Beginning this Wednesday I'm offering a 4 week class called Shuniya: 4 weeks to heal + Strengthen the neutral mind to create  paradigm of peace.

Its my answer to the call of the times: providing a path for greater inner peace and healing which can be reflected back into our communities. It takes place online, so you can participate anywhere in the world, as long as you have high speed internet, and is designed to be accessible to all, regardless of skill or financial freedom. If you are interested but unsure about the online class aspect, or finances, send me an email. 

Please join me in exploring the shift before the storm.

All my love,