What To Ask Yourself Before Beginning A New Health Regimen

In a culture that is literally obsessed with consumption and self improvement, it's a good idea to check our motives and what is influencing us before we begin any sort of health regimen. 

The internet is over saturated with diet advice, weight loss plans, (and scams) and everyone and their sister is sharing their latest detox, beach body, and summer ready tips.

This post is none of those things.

What it is: an invitation to get to the root and reason of your tendency to get little to no results, (or if you get results, to still not feel happy about it) when you commit to a new health regime.

Even the most well intended health practices will miss their mark if we engage in them for the wrong reasons, or with unrealistic expectations.

You see healing comes from within, and the questioning space from which the need for healing arises is also the answer. The bulls eye mark which we are so desperately trying to aim at with all the perfect healthy ways of living, can only be reached if we sit with the question, that need for change that brought us to the path in the first place, and just listen.

Sit down and be really honest with yourself. 

Why am I really drawn to this new way of eating/living/exercising/being?

Part of my job is to support people in making the changes that are going to be ultimately the most healing and the most long lasting for their unique bodies. We can save a lot of time, energy and money if we get clear on the following questions before we begin anything new.

Questions to ask yourself:

Do you want to begin this new diet/exercise plan/self improvement course because..

You feel deep down that you are not enough, and you need to do more, be more, have more or contribute more?

You compare yourself who do this same health practice and want to to be/feel accepted by the health culture that this person or group mentality holds?

And of course the tried and true question:

Do you feel motivated by fear or self hatred, or by encouragement and self love?

And finally, 

When you think of this new health practice, how does your body feel? Does it viscerally relax, or do you notice anxiety, tension and stress in your body?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, it may be a good moment to save you the time, energy and money by putting that health practice aside (for now) until you come to feel some positive answers.

Recondition yourself to feel good before you even begin the health practice:

By asking some pretty basic questions that will yield answers which are completely unique to you, and following through on the guidance that your body and mind gives you, you'll be much better off when and if you finally decide to begin that new yoga class, certification or diet.

What made me feel healthy and alive as a child, before I had any notions of lack?

What sustains me and makes me feel truly nourished, even if I haven't experienced it for along while? (Think playing in the woods as a child, heart to heart chats with friends and family, dancing in the rain, baking pies just for the fun of it.)

If I knew I would live for 100 years with no fear of sickness, death or any other fears which keep me feeling small,  how would I live differently? What would I naturally stop doing and let go of without this fear?

After you've answered these questions, filter them into a few small but powerful actionable steps.

After you've followed your own guidance in the form of these actionable steps for a week or so,  then check in with yourself about if you still need to embark on a new regime, (which I often recommend, after all, sugar is nobody's friend). Then if you do, you will be doing it less from a place of filling an unfillable need, to actually supporting your body to heal. 

As always, with love, and in Health.

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