Thoughts on walking the spiritual path, right now.


I am walking the path. And so are you.

Maybe you don't think you are. This is a short note to remind you, as I have been reminded.

After several years and many kinds of devotion and commitment to esoteric practices and philosophical musing, and deep inner explorations of my body mind and heart, I feel like I am only just beginning to step on the spiritual path.

A realization came to me this evening, when I was looking at pictures of Mahatma Gandhi online. I was examining photos of his face, before and after he began his crusade for a free India, non violent action and compassionate living. 

I noticed something unusual.

It was the photos of him in his later years as he peacefully carried the spirit of India to freedom where his face looked the most human.

Before this, his face looked.. less human. More conflicted, as if a shroud covered his face, hiding something.

This realization was like a warm breath of air, filling my lungs and warming my heart. Walking the path is not to become like an angel. It is to make us truly human.

Yogi Bhajan said that every person is born with the birthright to be a Human Being. Hu means light, halo or radiant aura and Man means mind. Presence, with a mind of light. 

The sages and ancient texts say that true realization of our Self comes to us when we surrender to the divine force greater (and within) ourselves. A truly humble experience. There are many, many practices to open up this space in our lives. I've done a few, some for short unsustainable bursts and others for longer, but still unsustainable lengths of time.

This evening as I was looking at Mahatma Gandhi's face, Images of Mother Theresa came up on google images, too. I noticed she had the same expression. Ultimately human. Feeling. Living. Experiencing. Knowing. Trusting. Wow.

After this I wrote a short prayer. Something I've done several times over the years, mostly because writing comes naturally to me and is a way for me to continuously affirm my intentions to the universe, my higher self, God, my guides, or whoever has my highest interest at heart who might be listening. 

I wrote an honest prayer to understand the Origin of my Self and Life while in this human body. (Gently please!). I was moved by my own words as they flowed from the pen and equal parts frightened by them. By their bigness.

Then I sat for a long time, on the dark of my balcony. And felt a slow answer come to my mind. The voice of a calm, logical, patient teacher. The voice (maybe my own) said:

You have everything you need for this awakening right now.
You have the practices of yoga- they are strengthening for you and help to balance your body and mind.
You have the practice of meditation- powerful tools to experience your Self.
You have your connection to nature- beauty which truly nourishes you.
You have a deep, loving and at times challenging relationship- this provides nourishment for you on many levels and also stimulates you to grow.
You have a beautiful home- this supports your growth.
You have a true path of service- let your business be your service, and a lesson to know true abundance and not get distracted by financial loss of success.

As I heard all of this, the gentle voice flowed through my mind taking stock of everything in my life. And I felt it, maybe for the first time, that everything in our life is here to serve us, and it moved me to tears.

We have everything we need.


Keep going. Stay awake. From your heart.