Part 1 of 5: How To Stay Inspired And Get The Most Out Of Your Healing Protocol

In this five part series, I'm sharing some practices, philosophy and mindset shifts which have been essential to my continued recovery from chronic Lyme disease and related illness. 

The first insight is one which when mastered, fully transforms the way you think about illness and your body: creating inner and outer space around taking supplements, treatments and therapies.

Every aspect of treatment from the smallest supplement to the most invasive IV or procedure is an opportunity to deepen your relationship to your body and move towards true healing- regardless of the outcome of the treatment.

Rudolf Steiner, the Austrian mystic and philosopher who founded  Anthroposophical Medicine, said that every time we engage in a therapy whether its as invasive as surgery or gentle like a homeopathic remedy or supplement, we are asking the body a question.

The wisdom and healing of a therapy or treatment comes in our ability to Listen for the body's response. The power of strengthening the healing force of the body doesn't come response itself- though it can be helpful to know if something makes us feel worse or better- but in the act of listening to the body.

So if you are repetitively or mindlessly taking your pills or going through the drudgery of doing “all the right things” but feeling frustrated with the lack of clarity and forward movement that you desire, you might not be giving your body and mind the space to fully rest and receive the information which is trying to come into your body in the form of treatment.

Like any effective healing practice, this takes time and commitment, but its effects can be the missing link between bridging the external world of should's, and the internal world of what the body truly needs.

The practice

Before you take the supplement, do the castor oil back, coffee enema, or any other treatment, make a habit of sitting silently for a moment, taking a few deep breaths. Notice what is happening in your body. Just take stock of the quality of energy in your body and mind- the less you try to change it the better.

Then, take your supplement, or do your therapy.

After the therapy is done. Make a committed, silent space in which to fully integrate and receive the benefits of the treatment. Turn off screens. Don't distract yourself. Even if you can’t consciously “feel” anything, make this space. 10-20 minutes will suffice. 

This allows the nervous system to relax, and when done consistently over time, retrains the body to enter a deeper healing state during times of treatment/therapy/supplements.

We all know that when we are stressed out our body has difficulty in properly digesting our food. Can you imagine how hard it is for medicine to get to where it needs to go, without side effects, when the body is already in a heightened inflammatory/stressful state?

Once you’ve committed to this post- treatment listening stage. Tune in to how your body feels now. What subtle energy has shifted? What remains the same.

The secret to strengthening the body's ability to communicate with you and beneficially receive and assimilate treatments, is to remain open and non reactive to the information you receive.

Like a small child, once the body (and energetic bodies) feel the rhythm and routine of being able to “share” and “be seen” in this continuous safe space regarding treatments, the inner impulse to heal becomes quickened and useful information, along with heightened intuition will begin to rise to the surface quickly.

You will also be training your nervous system to relax and receive nourishment, versus training it to push through and "force" the therapy.

Once you've digested this information and put it into practice, I'd love to hear from you.

How does this practice feel? What messages, sensations and insights are you experiencing as you deepen your ability to listen to the question of your treatment?

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In Health!