September: A Month For Returning To Balance


September is a magical month which holds the last out breath of summer before the inward pull of autumn arrives. It's a time of absorbing and assimilating everything that we have experienced over the past few months, while wholeheartedly inviting us to breathe in the possibility of the new.

Since I am a Virgo and this is my birthday month, I can't think of a more "Virgo" post than sharing some guidelines to help you (and me!) construct magic, health and balance during this transitional month. 


Acknowledge all the inner and outer work you’ve done over this summer. You are incredible, strong, wise, and always learning.

How can you give yourself space to digest everything thats gone down the past few months?

If you feel like your summer has been calm and uneventful (seriously, if you exist please message me..) making space for this integration period is still helpful. 


You get to choose! Some of us prefer sloth-like activities to help us integrate: we need time and space to just be in our bodies. Others need plenty of exercise, conversation and out door time. Since you're in the digestion period, your process shouldn’t involve any of your vices or excess mental consumption like bingeing on Netflix or scrolling through social media.



What creative endeavor, project or area of your life are you ready to expand into and take action in this month? If this is a continuation of a long term project, how can you bring fresh inspiration to your work?

What would the ideal inflow of inspiration look like? In what form would it come to you?

Make some small shifts in your day to day routine to allow this inspirational to come. 



After digestion and before new creation comes release. When we've been processing something whether it be physical, mental or emotional, there comes a time when we need to let it go. We've received all the nourishment and meaning from it that we can. You don’t have to completely cut it out of your life, but rather make a conscious effort to remove your focus from it and surrender it to a higher power.

What can you let go of that you’ve been digesting and processing all summer? 

Is there an idea, issue, relationship or project that you’re ready to simply put to bed? 


Invoke Space

Spaciousness is vital. It's the white space, the “me time”, the unplanned areas of your days and weeks which actually end up being the liquid gold which transforms all your efforts into healing, balance, magic and inspiration. Its in this space that growth actually happens. The listening space.

Take a deep look at how you plan to weave spaciousness into your days this month. It may feel difficult as you wrap up all the end-of-summer tasks but you won’t regret it.


Now I’d love to connect with you. How are you going to create spaciousness? what will letting go look like for you? What kind of new energy are you going to bring to your creations?

Let me know in the comments and lets chat

With Love