How to feel at home: tune in to your body amidst constant change

I am in a period of change in my life where I feel effectively homeless, and am being called to return to my ultimate home: my body. 

Home. What does it mean?

For the past several weeks I have a roof over my head every night, food to eat and abundance to support me, but have struggled with finding a sense of home. I just returned from one of my home continents of Europe, my spouse on the other side of the country, and I am floating around New England in a town where I grew up. I'm sleeping on a couch, feeling the seasons change, and trying to balance the bite of an autumn wind with my own inner strength and warmth. 

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the seat of our chi, or life force, is the kidneys. They hold the potential energy we inherited from our ancestors, and the seeds of life force which we will pass on to our children and future generations. 

When our Kidney chi is weak and depleted, it is difficult to feel the sensation of safety, comfort and stability we so often associate with "home." 

The life force of the kidneys is often effected during times of duress or change, and I have to say my life has been a whirlwind of change recently. As Bashar, one of my favorite channelled beings says when describing the laws of creation: "Everything changes. Change is the only constant." 

So how do we find the stability, coziness and warmth of our Inner home when the outside world as awhirl which change? How do we embrace the constancy of change in a way which catalyzes our growth and healing, instead of letting it throw us into downward spirals?

Below are three things I do to honor my body, connect to my Self, and remind myself that I am my primary home in my life. I also use these techniques whenever I am traveling. 

1. Come home to your body, with tenderness
The first thing I do when I'm feeling disconnected from my roots is to treat my body as if it were a small child. I take high quality massage oil and gently massage my own feet, opening up the meridians which connect me with the earth, my kidneys, and my sense of groundedness. I recommend doing this as many times a day as it takes for you to start to fully relax and feel your body's appreciation for your touch.
2. Eye Gazing
Stand in front of a mirror and stare into your own eyes. Breathe deeply and relax into your own gaze. Notice how you feel while making eye contact with yourself: relaxed? Alert? Insecure? Confident? Next tune into how much you recognize yourself in your eyes alone. If you are feeling disconnected from your own gaze, close your eyes and sense your body, while summoning up a sensation of unconditional joy and presence in your body. This feeling will be unique to you, as it is your own soul essence. Let it permeate your entire body. Then, open your eyes and reconnect with your own gaze. Do this as many times are you need to until you feel an unshakable connection wth your Self.
3. Honor your body's connection to the earth through food.
Choose seasonal ingredients which are local to the area where you currently reside, and calmly prepare a warm, healthful and delicious meal. Engage all of your senses; light candles and pair your meal with a favorite beverage. Before you eat, say a prayer of thanks to the land where the food was grown, and the people and resources who brought it to your plate. Eat the meal slowly, thoughtfully chewing each bite and noticing your body's response to each new flavor. After you finish the meal, sit or lay down in a restful position and be present with your body. Be content to be at home in you, and acknowledge the role of the earths energy in sustaining you. 

What do you do when you need to cultivate a sense of home? Leave me a comment below this post- I want to hear how you ground yourself during times of change!

I'd love it if you shared these words with fellow travelers, journeyers and adventurers of all kinds. May they serve whoever reads them.

All Love,


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