Messages from the Body Part 4: Heal your Aura and your Fascia Simultaneously

Fascia is a fancy word for our connective tissue. It is made up of layers of collagen rich tissue which covers, connects and protects our organs, muscles, nerves and tendons. Our skin may clothe our body, but it is the fascia which keeps all the major organs and our structural alignment physically together. 

The energetic system which corresponds to the connective tissue is the aura- the electromagnetic field which surrounds our body and protects us from energetic harm. When we have beliefs or self talk which show up in our body as tension you can bet that it has shown up in our aura first. 

I've drawn the connection between connective tissue and the aura for a simple reason: there have been many years of my life when I have experienced different types of body work, while trying to heal myself of chronic lyme disease. As a result I started to create my own form of energetic/physical healing technique using different pieces of practices I had learned. (I've included a sample exercise at the bottom of this post).

When we relate to the fascia and the aura together, we discover physical proof that mental and emotional states show up physically in the body, and understanding this connection gives us the power and the confidence to approach the delicate realm of our own healing.  

If we experience hurtful criticism or verbal abuse for a long time- from others or even from ourselves- our upper back muscles become tight, we hunch over and the back of the heart becomes like a turtle shell stuck in a protective mode. Conversely, if our self talk is loving and joyful, our muscles and fascia naturally relax and our heart lifts, changing our posture. 

Stress, thoughts and beliefs all effect our fascia. Sometimes a mental frame of reference (very strong belief) we have had for a long time shows up physically in the body when it no longer serves us. Unexplainable back pain, chest tightness and even inflexibility can be a result. If you want a more in depth read about the importance of fascia in releasing psychological trauma, click here.

Because the aura is part of our energetic body, it is possible to reverse and clear unhealthy energy here more quickly than in the physical body. In fact, working on this auric level is the best first step in repairing the patterning of the fascia. It is by no means the only step, but it is the first. 

(We can see a million chiropractors and body workers but if our emotional patterns of holding the body don’t change, we are wasting our time. I always recommend a body worker, masseuse, etc, who has an understanding of the aura and how to connect with a clients emotional/energetic patterns as well as the physical ones).

What weakens the Aura?

Prolonged negativity of any kind: unproductive, criticizing talk from ourselves or others. Self limiting beliefs, oppressive or unhappy environments, prolonged malnutrition and not getting our physical needs met. 

What strengthens it?

Positive thoughts, life affirming experiences, joy, exposure to negative ions: (spending time at the ocean, in the rain, in the woods), 

What weakens the fascia?

Lack of activity, dehydration, stress, mental and emotional irritation.

What balances it? 

Gentle movement & stretching, hydration, rest, eating healthy fats and foods rich in collagen. Finding a positive frame of mind which supports a healthy outlook on life.

When the aura is weak or clouded with unhealthy impressions, we feel sad, vulnerable, confused and unable to find our center. When it is strong we feel radiant, powerful, protected and vital. 

When the fascia is out of balance we experience muscle pain, tightness and cramping throughout the body. We feel stiff out of whack and not quite "ourselves". When it is balanced we feel full range of mobility, flexibility and strength. We feel capable and confident in our body's ability to both exert itself and rest deeply. 

Below is an exercise which both helps to strengthen and brighten the aura, as well as to to relax and balance the systems of fascia. It is very dear to my heart, as It is part of my own energy healing technique which I have developed over the years while trying to heal myself.

*For this exercise, choose one part of your body, like your stiff neck. As you become comfortable with it, repeat the exercise with other parts of the body.*


Technique to release fascial tension and clear the energy field:

1. Lie down in a comfortable supported position. Take a moment to relax and center yourself.
2. Take 10 to fifteen long deep breaths. Don’t rush this step. Breathe deeply into your belly to create a state of deep relaxation.
3. close your eyes, and imagine that you are seeing 360 degrees around your body, even though your eyes are closed. Don’t focus on visualizing your actual surroundings, just experience the mental state of opening your consciousness to a wider state.
4. place your there index, middle and ring fingers on the part of your body which is experiencing tightness, stress or needs adjusting.
5. Begin to sense the pulsing of energy beneath your finger tips- this could be an actual energetic sensation or the feeling of your heartbeat in your body. Concentrate on this flow of energy without trying to change it. Stay here for 2-5 minutes
6. Now that you have a sense of the energy flow in the area, gently begin alternating the pressure of your fingers, individually. With continued long deep breathing, gently increase the pressure of just your index finger and hold this position for 2-5 minutes, continuing to sense your body’s energy.
7. When you feel the energy has shifted, release the pressure of your first finger and increase the pressure of your middle finger. Continue in the same way, alternating fingers. Listen to your body and change the pressure according to your intuition. As the fascia releases, you can move your hand slightly to a different part of the muscle or body to continue releasing. 
8. Release your hand. and lie in deep relaxation to integrate your self healing. Allow any emotions, thoughts or sensations to arise. Welcome them, and welcome yourself back to your body.

Go deep with this technique, and let me know what comes up for you and how it supports you.

As always, please share these words with the people you know need to read them.

In Health, 



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