Becoming A HEART WARRIOR: How To Live Your Dharma


Joan of Arc was 13 years old when she first heard the “voice of angels” telling her to lead the French army to defeat the British. Whether you believe she was truly communicating with angels or not, it is certain that she was connected to a higher guidance or calling with which she could communicate. 

How many of us, during our lives, have felt, sensed or even heard messages or guidance showing us the way forward in our life? 

How many times, during those crucial moments, did you ignore these messages because of doubt or fear that it was impossible or what other people might think?

Because Joan of Arc followed and believed her connection to this higher power, she succeeded. Even when she was betrayed by the French church and burned alive at the age of 19, she did not revoke or back down from her calling.

Answering the call of our heart is BIG. When we answer the call of our heart, everything begins to change and transform in our life. 

We become aligned with our dharma, the path or destiny in this life which is only meant for us. 

I believe that destiny is not prewritten, but we do come into this life with samskaras, (karma’s, traits and psychological patterns) which both challenge us and endlessly repeat throughout our life. These are the the thought patterns, tendencies and attributes which make your psyche uniquely different from somebody else. We are both born with samskaras, and we also learn them through conditioned behavior from our families.

Most people spend their lives absorbed in the surface level engagement of their samskaras and never fully achieve deeper happiness or self-realization beyond the fluctuations of the mind.

We transcend our samskaras and step into Dharma when we respond to life from the wisdom of our heart, instead of reacting to life from the patterns of the mind.

This doesn’t mean that life becomes full of light and peace and that all our problems disappear,  It means that we are no longer wasting our energy on problems which are not relevant to our destiny.

When we are living from our heart, the challenges that show up in our life are the tests designed to show us how to grow and learn to become more of who we really are. And when we understand and integrate these challenges we become more whole.

So what is stopping us from living this powerful aligned life?

Our reactions. We react to life rather than respond, because we are taught that happiness and success are fleeting and something to be won, worked for or stolen form outside of ourselves. Everything in our society, from our social media to our education systems to our political systems are geared towards keeping us in the reactive cycle of samskara. 

If we as change-makers and empowered individuals want to create positive impact in our world right now, then it’s time for us to take the deep dive into our own hearts, deconstruct the wounds which are keeping us in a fear-based-reaction loop and wake up the voice of our higher wisdom, so we can live our Dharma.

In my own life, and in my work helping people to transform their own life, I’ve identified five steps to this process:

  1. Healing the physical, mental, emotional programming which prevents us from listening to our higher wisdom

  2. Being open to be completely real and honest with ourselves

  3. Fully receiving the wisdom of the heart

  4. Taking consistent action

  5. Allowing the hearts wisdom to continue to guide you no matter what.

Greta Thunberg started her weekly school strike outside the parliament building in Stockholm, Sweden, not because she was reacting to stimulus, or because she wanted approval, recognition or personal gain. Like Joan of Arc, she did it because she was responding to a problem in the way that her heart told her she should. 

Think of that thing again— you know, that time when you heard a great calling and conviction to act, rest, create, transform something in your life. 

Now imagine the impact on your life, your family, your community, your clients, your customers when you start consistently showing up, following that heart-voice.

That is how we become the change we wish to see in the world. Not by mentally constructing a preconceived idea of what positive change looks like, but by following the sacred impulse of the heart.


Are you feeling this call right now in your life? 

Do you feel the pressure of transformation in your life, and the knowing that you must follow the dharma voice of your heart?

Not living your dharma is costing you your happiness, true success and harmony in your life.

Most of all, its preventing you from living and receiving what is yours in this lifetime.

Join me for HEART WARRIOR: A 90 Day Up-level For Earth Conscious Healers and Leaders to heal through the blocks preventing you from deeply living your dharma so you can create a more powerful impact and experience greater success, vitality and growth.

The autumn cohort of HEART WARRIOR begins October 5th 2019.

Do you feel the call? Join us.