Full Moon Message from Sage, a Power Plant.

Sage, or Salvia Officinalis, is a potent herb when used as medicine, and powerful plant when greeted as a plant spirit ally. The longish leaves carry an unmistakable scent, a prominent color has taken its name, and it has been mentioned throughout folk lore and song through the ages.

Recently, sage spoke to me.  I have been exploring the sensation and definition of "home" during the past few months, and have landed in a temporarily living situation where sage has greeted me, at once as a friend, a sister, and a wise grandmother waiting silent and patiently for me to find my way towards her and her medicine.

This past full super moon I sat in ceremony, the cold New England wind biting my bare hands as I placed them over a bowl of water with sage and several quartz crystals. We sat together, sage, moon, quartz and I, in contemplation and prayer as I made a plant spirit essence. We communicated about the large cycles at play on our planet right now, and the opportunity given to us by an awareness of these cycles playing out globally, no matter how dark. 

The message Sage shared was this:  Who can fear death and darkness when they know they are connected to a cycle of wholeness which exists far beyond themselves and the lifespan of their body? When we know our true Power, darkness cannot be feared.

Sage allows us to tap into the darkness in and around us; darkness is a natural part of life. She allows us to connect to the darkness which is inside of us and see what lies there, sleeping. Not all of what lies in the darkness is scary- sometimes we find jewels waiting to be received in the shadows, other times we find shrouded aspects of ourselves, dusty with neglect, which may need to be brought back to life or fully let go of.

Whatever we may find there, sage is a powerful ally, standing sentinel, allowing us to see in the dark and uncover a greater truth and ultimately a greater lightness, one which holds the most power because it embraces the dark.

As we ride the wave of this recent full moon into its waning stages, We have an opportunity to feel, experience and know the grandmother who is keeper of cycles of light and dark. She can help teach us to clear away the old stagnant energy and give us the power to embrace the shadows, both individually in our psyche and collectively as a people. 

I encourage you to connect with sage, ask for her medicine, and see what power through darkness is revealed to you.

Sage is patient. She will wait for an eternity if she has to. Her medicine is all permeating, strong, deeply connected to the earth, and led by the mother and grandmother archetypes. She will stand by you as you move through the darkness, and will ensure you will maintain your Power.

If you are a healer who wants to support the global consciousness and not be afraid of relating to and working in relation to the darkness in the world, consider ordering a bottle of my recent super- moon sage + quartz essence. Send me an email at anja.sofia.churchill@gmail.com and I will send you a bottle while my supply lasts.

With All my Love