A 90 day up-level intensive for earth-conscious leaders, healers and yoga teachers

October 5th 2019- January 2nd 2020

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Success, impact, self mastery.


The time is now. The earth needs the revolutionary leaders of a new era. It is more important than ever that we express our unique healing gifts in ways which serve all.

Success is something which can only be defined by oneself, but true lasting success holds three components: crystal clarity on your mission and where you are going, living in personal integrity with that mission, and having the right tools so your unique skillset can be reach the people who need it.

reaching the next levels of true mastery requires us to to deepen our student-ship to our own inner wisdom.

Self-Mastery = Life-Mastery = Business-Mastery.


I have some insight for you: Keeping yourself content at being in your current level of service out of fear, isn’t humbleness. It’s depriving your clients, community, world (and your heart) the nourishment and transformation of receiving their own wholeness.

Stepping deeper into your Self-Mastery for the good of the earth and its beings isn’t ego, its essential to life on this planet.

Align with your spirit and your hearts deepest vision for you life and work. Allow your alignment and commitment to your Self and higher vision to guide your business to thrive and create success that is on your own terms.

This sounds simple, right?

It is. And it takes work. Practical, soul searching, personal healing, real world work.

Often we can’t show up fully to gain the clarity and execute the actions we know we deserve without the accountability, support and guidance of others on the same path.

Join me, (Anja Sofia) and a select group of other healers and teachers in a 90 day, online intensive to deepen your spiritual practice, restore your inner vitality, reconnect or awaken your highest vision for your work and service and take actionable steps towards creating the next level of impact and success you desire.

what you experience:

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  • Complete clarity of your hearts mission as it applies to your business

  • Increased physical vitality and wellbeing— no more burnout

  • Unshakeable intuition and confidence in your your next steps in your business

  • A personal roadmap and plan to your continued success, that is aligned with your heart.

  • The ability to manifest the resources, opportunities and outcomes that you need to create your big impact

  • Deeper self-love and harmony in your relationships

  • Fully committed and inspired daily spiritual practice using the teachings of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation as taught by Yogi Bhajan


What you Get:

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  • 9 hour and a half long live group coaching, mindset and I.A.M sessions (Inner Anahata Method™)

  • Daily Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Kriya instructional video for a transformative 90 Day practice.

  • Daily Inner Anahata Method™ meditation, (One recording per module, integrated into the daily practice.)

  • Individual check-in support with Anja Sofia via email

  • Weekly written exercises and journal prompts.

The structure

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The up-level consists of three opportunities for transformation: a 90 Day continuous kundalini yoga practice which carries us continuously throughout the course, weekly written prompts and exercises, and three weekly live-video conference sessions a month from wherever you are in the world. Each module is designed to have a “rest” week, during the week that the full moon occurs. This is to encourage integration, intention setting and increased clarity + effectiveness during the module.

Module 1:

During Module 1 we explore our own unique vision for our highest success and impact, and begin strengthening our physical body, nervous system and mindset to receive our desired outcomes. In order to elevate and reach heights of success we may dream of, we must be willing to ground our energy down equally and and stay steady in the middle path. Exercises this month focus on creating the physical structures containers to support or growth. Think stronger body, clearer business structures, and overall feeling of a “safer” environment from which to leap for your dreams.

Module 2:

In Module 2 we travel deep into the impressions, memories and traumas which have kept us from fulfilling our greatest impact. Module two is a time of soul searching, creative expression and truth telling of all kinds. We open ourselves up to ourselves to fully dive into what is real and alive within us. We cultivate the bravery to look at ourselves and hold ourselves in radical self-love. We stabilize and increase our energetic capacity to hold space and facilitate transformation for others by becoming stronger containers for our own healing. We learn how to listen to and and reflect our hearts purpose in the world.

Module 3:

During module 3 we awaken and reflect our newfound clarify, understanding and vision into the world in a masterful and contained way. We allow ourselves to experience the unlimited beauty and depth of our own Essence. This connection with our Essence transforms our connection to all facets of our life. In this final module experience the full effects and new reality of our up-level. The work of the prior two months is now reflecting in our work and as we receive the feedback and manifestations from the world around us, we are able to plant the seeds for an even greater vision, knowing that we now have the tools to create it, seamlessly.

The Inner anahata method™ (I.A.M)

The Inner Anahata Method™ is a meditation process and personal transformation framework which allows us to be 100 percent tapped into the channel of our intuition, our hearts deepest yearnings and the confidence to embody our highest self at all times.

It is a process for developing self-mastery and a profound relationship with oneself.

During the 90 Day transformation we will be using the Inner Anahata Method™ as a framework for our transformation, systematically moving through the three layers of heart consciousness to heal any blocks or self-limiting habits or beliefs which are preventing us from fully expressing our hearts mission in our work.


Why 90 Days?

According to the yogic traditions, 90 days is the length of time it takes to break old habits and patterns and re-train the nervous system to create and build new ones which serve our highest self. You may have heard of 15, 21 or 40 day commitments to “jump start” your habits. Though effective, these lengths of time do not fully allow us to reprogram our life and mindset with NEW ways of being. You can expect to experience a fully body and mind transformation from an intentional 90 day practice. During a 90 day practice practitioners have reported having addictions dissolve, health issues resolve, relationship challenges heal and to experience balance and confidence returned to specific areas of ones life.


Who the up-level is for:

Are you a…

  • Movement teacher, yoga instructor, healer, bodyworker, intuitive, coaches or holistic counsellor who knows in your heart that you are here to make a powerful impact and have a responsibility not just for your clients but for the earth, too?

  • Do you stand for compassionate, no-bullshit, call-it-like-it-is clarity and communication in your relationships and practice?

  • Do you desire to have unshakeable confidence in your intuition, so you can guide your business through knowing what the right path forward, at all times?

  • Are you highly trained, gifted and established in your practice or business yet not seeing the success or reach that you desire?

  • Do you feel like there is something keeping you from fully developing your work in alignment with your unique gifts?

Space limited to 13 participants

Investment: $1,097

Or three payments of $422)

What clients are saying:

I could not possibly explain in words how transformative and beneficial this journey (of mentorship) was for me

Anja helped me to dig deep into myself, see myself for who I am, see my value and get in touch with my souls purpose and help me find tools to bring that souls purpose to life

I began to feel in tune with myself, intuitive, full of love for every single day of my life.

The procrastination I used to experience has just faded away and I am no longer afraid of taking the steps to fulfilling my happiness.

The amount of joy and satisfaction I feel now after completing my mentorship with Anja is worth everything. I am happy to announce I am opening my own business. I have all the tools I need to bring my dreams to fruition. Thank you Anja, for Guidance on every level, physical, spiritual, emotional.

I now welcome challenges because they help me grow and to step up my game every time.

Trust me, this will be the best decision you will make for yourself, show yourself some love, you deserve it.

-Lena, yoga instructor and Self Mastery Mentorship graduate.


Send them my way at info@anjasofiachurchill.com