Self care for your soul

The Meditation Circle is a weekly live-stream kundalini yoga & meditation experience designed to give you the tools to align with the highest version of your mind, body and spirit.


Do you want...

 To deepen your yoga, meditation or spiritual practice?

To prioritize self-care, self- love and self mastery?

To feel more in tune with and at home in your body?

To deepen your intuitive gifts?

To learn to hear, listen to and act from your intuition?

To have a deeper relationship with your Self?


“At the end of the meditation I felt my whole body come into balance,
I could really feel all parts of myself coming back together, connected.”
— MC Participant
I felt like dancing after our session- it was amazing. You are truly gifted!
— MC Participant

“Thank you again for an amazing healing session. I’m feeling the effects days after, and know its from doing this work with you.”
— MC Participant

The power of kundalini yoga

Kundalini yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is a lineage and practice rich with 2,000+ years of intact teachings, exercises and meditations designed to help us live with excellence, rise above the daily stress of living and fulfill our truest purpose.

Each of us has a unique path and purpose in this life, but we can't fulfill our purpose and experience the full joy of who we are if our bodies are tense and tired, our minds are distracted, and the yearnings of our soul go unanswered.


“I received the life- changing inner guidance I’ve been needing to hear for years, thank you.”
— MC Participant


Each Meditation Circle Session includes:

  • A powerful kundalini yoga kriya (sequence of physical exercises designed to initiate specific emotional, physical and spiritual results). 
  • A deep kundalini meditation to solidify the physical practice.
  • Intention setting, reflection and individual support.

Throughout the month you receive:

  • Four Live stream Meditation Circle sessions
  • Replay recordings of each Circle to practice throughout the week
  • 1:1 email support with Anja Sofia




 Anja Sofia is a kundalini yoga teacher and intuitive health coach whose mission is to empower people to heal themselves and live a life of excellence.

Join her every Sunday at 10:00 AM PST for The Meditation Circle, or participate during the week with the session replay recordings.


 Join The meditation circle

Investment: $55 a month

100% money back guarantee.
*This class is meant to serve you. If you attend your first Meditation Circle and aren't satisfied, email us within 24 hours to receive a full refund*