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What are soul sessions?

Soul sessions are a way to support your continued and deepening growth towards your Self, or Soul: the part of you that exists beyond illness or circumstance. We tailor our intimate 1:1 sessions to your health, personal, relational and spiritual goals. By allowing our focus to be on strengthening your connection to the unchanging aspect of who you are, we can explore, enliven and rejuvenate the parts of your being that need extra support.

Anja conveys a striking combination of strength and softness in the spaces she holds. She has this remarkable ability to intuitively respond to the needs of each of her students. As a teacher, it’s clear she taps into the depth of her own experience and offers the fruits of her own healing journey. A session with her is a treat in being guided to expand beyond my previously held limitations.
— SS client

Benefits of 1:1 sessions:

  • Deeper connection to spiritual practice
  • Letting/healing of emotional or psych0-somatic traumas
  • More empowered decision making (lessening of addictions and harmful emotional/psychological patterns)
  • Increased energy, vitality and focus
  • Improved communication in business and interpersonal relationships
  • Renewed understanding of personal life purpose and clarity on next steps moving forward

The format

We meet for 60- 90 minutes once a week or bi monthly for 3 month blocks. During each session you receive a powerful energy healing, coaching around the areas of intensity in your life, actionable steps to support you moving through blocks and tailored to you meditation and yoga practices to enhance your progress.

*Sessions can be given as primarily as private yoga and meditation instruction upon request.*

Through intuitive coaching, heart-centered accountability towards your dreams and goals and kundalini yoga and meditation practices tailored to your specific blockages and growth areas, I help you integrate the most aligned version of you.


Cost per session: $150


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