Having witnessed Anja’s journey from healing to transformational healer, it is always a blessing to be in her presence. Her consciousness is of the highest order; her light is divine; her teachings come from a place of deep experience in this life and beyond. She channels and shares her good energy and I highly recommend the experience of everything she has to offer.
— Satjeet Kaur, yoga instructor
This winter was greatly enriched by these weekly sessions. I’m grateful and inspired by the way you take time to listen to what the space we share calls for- it is a great reminder for me to witness another woman close her eyes and tune in to a wisdom that often goes unnoticed as it is a subtle substance. Your explanations of the kriya and energy bodies were not only articulate, but coursing with living energy so that each week, I found myself excited to engage in something greater than my body, something ancient, infinite and absolutely relevant. You hold a space and you share a space, acknowledging the power of what is conjured between all of us in this sacred circle.
— Restoring Power Participant
Anja Sofia is one of my favorite yoga teachers. I like the enthusiasm she brings to yoga and the clarity and sensitivity she shares with us. She is tuned in to the specific needs of her students and she creates such a warm and loving environment!
— Yoga Student
I have gained so much over the past year working with Anja through Kundalini yoga and meditation, energy work, and intuitive readings. Every session with Anja is like acquainting with an old friend, a wise teacher, someone who opens their heart to you fully. In this way Anja creates not only a comforting and safe space with respectful boundaries, but a place where one can feel energetically free and empowered. Both in person and through video with Anja, I have started a kundalini practice that I am excited to grow. Through intuitive readings and energy work I have become more confident and trusting of my own intuition. I look forward to continuing my work with Anja, and would recommend her to anyone looking to awaken or revitalize their own spirituality and wellbeing, she has so much to offer.
— Anna Flynn, photographer & writer
Thank you, Anja. I am truly grateful that you were sent to me. You are such a gift to all of us. You have helped me tremendously. Love and Light around you, always.
— Intuitive Reading Client
Anja conveys a striking combination of strength and softness in the spaces she holds. She has this remarkable ability to intuitively respond to the needs of each of her students. As a teacher, it’s clear she taps into the depth of her own experience and offers the fruits of her own healing journey. A session with her is a treat in being guided to expand beyond my previously held limitations.
— Restoring Power Participant