COnditions & Terms of service

Inner Listening Retreat


I understand that my booking is not complete until I have paid both Anja Sofia Churchill the sum of €300 and the Alpen Retreat €288 separately.


I am under the care of a licensed healthcare provider who has given their permission to engage in physical activity which includes yoga and stretching. I understand that I am responsible for my own physical and mental health and will take actions accordingly to listen to my body and protect myself from injury. I release Anja Sofia Churchill from any and all liability resulting in damages of any kind, directly or indirectly from this course.


All payments are final. In the case of personal emergencies or extenuating circumstances Anja Sofia Churchill may provide refunds for the €300 course payment at her discretion.

Anja Sofia Churchill reserves the right to cancel the retreat if a certain number of participants do not sign up. In this event all participants already signed up will receive a full refund.

Changes to the program:

I understand that program times and daily schedules may change.


I understand that I am responsible for arranging my own travel to and from the retreat location and that the price for the retreat does not include flights, airport shuttle or additional travel assistance to the Alpen Retreat.